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Take control of your building's comfort and energy costs

With our Daikin office and large building solutions, you significantly reduce your operating costs with energy efficient climate solutions.

Focus on your business

Focus on your business

Your climate is our priority. With Daikin climate solutions, you and your employees can work in comfort. We provide you with the most energy efficient solution, so that you can focus your energy on your business.

Invest in your energy efficieny

Investing in a Daikin solution saves you money in the long run. Your heating and cooling costs make up at least 50% of your energy consumption, which means that installing an energy efficient climate solution has a significant impact on your overall energy costs.

Your personal Daikin representative

Your personal Daikin representative

To guarantee the best customer service, we assign a single Daikin point of contact to your project. This representative is there to help you during all phases of your project, from initial brainstorming to post-installation maintenance.

A complete solution for climate control in your building

From energy efficient heating and air conditioning, to our Building Management Systems, we have climate solutions for your offices and large buildings. Learn more about the options available for your building.

Our variety of indoor emitters are designed to integrate seamlessly with your office building.

Easily upgrade or replace your existing climate solution.

Daikin units are considered "replacement-ready". With high energy savings and minimal installation costs, you quickly recover your return on investment.

Reuse existing piping and wiring offices and large buildings

Designed for quick installations, our office and large building solutions reuse existing piping and wiring to eliminate extra costs and minimise downtime. 

Minimise installation cotsts offices and large buildings

Flexible units, such as the Daikin Fully Flat Cassette, fit directly in standard ceiling tiles to minimise installation costs.

Integrates with your 3rd party equipment offices and large buildings

The intelligent Touch Manager is a business management system that integrates with your 3rd party equipment.

From small offices to large skyscrapers

Whether your project is big or small, we have heating and cooling solutions to suit your building. Find the right fit by selecting your building size or need.

  • Small offices

    Our Sky Air solution is ideal for smaller spaces, with separate controls for each unit.

  • Medium-sized office buildings

    Our VRV solutions can satisfy all of your climate needs. Ideal for small to medium-sized spaces, with options to control your units centrally or individually.

  • Large office buildings and skyscrapers

    Chillers and Air side equipment are the optimal solution for medium-sized to large spaces, and cover all of your climate needs using a centrally managed system.

  • Large office lobbies

    Biddle Air Curtains improve indoor climate stability by reducing heating and air conditioning loss. Biddle Air Curtains increase energy efficiency by up to 72%.

  • Smart controls

    Business Management System and intelligent Touch Manager let you control your climate from anywhere at any time. Choose between centrally or locally managed controls, set timer programmes, optimise your energy consumption with our energy management tools and easily integrate with third-party equipment.

  • Fresh air

    Bring in fresh and healthy air with our air handling units. They are ideal for medium-sized to very large spaces and compatible with all Daikin solutions using our air conditioning system.


Velocity case

Learn how Daikin helped Velocity improve its green credentials by installing a Daikin VRV heat recovery system.


    VMD business centre case

    Discover how our heat pumps provided a total climate solution for Croatia's tallest office building.


    Crystal tower case

    Discover how Daikin provides a modern, energy-efficient and versatile air conditioning solution for the entire building.


      Torre Serenissima case

      An 11-storey office building, the Torre Serenissima serves as the headquarters of the Brescia Padova Motorway in Verona, Italy. Equipped with an outdated R-22 refrigerant system, we gave the Torre Serenissima a full upgrade to deliver more energy efficiency and comfort.


      We are there for you

      A well-maintained HVAC system adds value and continuity. Taking steps to prolong your installation's working life ensures your employee's productivity and health is not disrupted.

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