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Hygienic Air Handling Unit

D-AHU Hygienic Version of Air Handling Units are the synthesis of more than 50 Years of Daikin European AHU Manufacturing experience. Air Handling Units with stringent hygienic features are demanded in Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductors and Food & Beverage industries.

Hygienic Air Handling Units differ from a standard unit on lot of aspects like shaping of components, construction, cleanability, accessibility, material specification and component features. D-AHU Hygienic Version is tested and certified by TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co. KG according to German standards VDI 6022/Part 1 and DIN 1946-4 and is a perfect fit to various Hygienic applications. 

General Features

1) All Internal sheet metal parts in Stainless steel (SS 304) or Aluminium

2) Smooth internal surface together with shaping of components to prevent adhesion, depositing and release of contaminants

3) AHU casing with high degree of certified Mechanical characteristics

4) Non-metallic materials exposed to Airstream tested for Microbial inertness according to ISO 846 Method A & C

5) Low leakage Dampers, Conforming to leakage Class 2 (in accordance with EN 1751

6) Filter tested to ISO 16890, with Multiple Filtration Stages

7) Corrosion resistant 3 sloped drain pan to ensure proper drainage

8) Direct Driven Fan without Spiral casing

9) Proper Access for components to facilitate maintenance and cleaning

10) Components should be easily removable for maintenance and cleaning 




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