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For customers

  • 3D app

    Daikin 3D is the application targeted at customers and professional installers, allowing you to choose the air conditioning and watch it at home BEFORE you buy!

  • Daikin Psychrometrics Diagram Viewer

    This tool is intented to support all professionals and students involved in air conditioning, knowing the properties of the air that we process.  

  • QR Code Scanner

    Scan the QR code which is located on the nameplate of your Daikin unit and get quick access to relevant unit information and services.

For professionals

For our professionals, Daikin offers a wide variety of software tools, ranging from “express” equipment selection software till extensive load calculation and energy simulation tools. Please find some examples of these tools below.

All of these tools are available on our business portal.
Please contact your local Daikin representative if you want to learn more about it

VRV Web Xpress

Webbased selection software tool for the full VRV product range.

The tool is mainly meant for professionals, both internal (sales) staff and external users such as consultants, engineering offices, installers...

Altherma and Rotex selection software

This web based,  selection and simulation software tool for Daikin Altherma and Rotex heating products.

This tool, mainly meant for heating professionals, makes it possible to choose, out of our extensive residential heating product range. the most designated system for each customer's individual needs.

Daikin | HSN

Heating Solutions Navigator

provide the best fit solution for your customers home

  • User-friendly interface showcases the wide array of Daikin Heating Solutions available
  • Estimation of the required heat load from a simple intuitive approach to a deeper detailed room-by-room calculation
  • Country specific elements are taken into account
  • Create custom made piping & wiring diagrams
  • Link to flue gas selection tool for gas based solutions
  • Set the configuration of your installation
  • Overview of all the options specifically for your installation
  • Quick link to the installation specific literature
  • Compare economic and ecological benefit of the Daikin solution against a conventional heating installation.
  • Storage of all your leads on your Stand By Me account
  • Easy conversion from lead to installation to invite your end user for extra after-sales services
Daikin | BIM application suite

Building information modelling

Daikin’s new library of BIM Objects enables architects, consultants and installers to plan HVAC installation and reduce issues at the time of construction, by reducing the potential for errors in design and installation, saving time and money .

Webbased Chiller selection

The Daikin Applied Webtool is specifically designed for Daikin Applied Products, allowing for online selections, energy analysis and generation of technical print outs.

All data is saved to the cloud, so you have access to it everywhere.

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Need help?

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