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Daikin Solution Plaza Oman

Daikin Solution Plaza - Muscat Electronics, Oman

Welcome to Daikin Solution Plaza – Oman!

Visit us today to experience the best Japanese AC technology!


Less energy use, for a lower electricity bill with Daikin Inverter!

The repeated ON/OFF operation of traditional systems leads to wasted energy consumption. With Daikin INVERTER, it constantly adjusts the compressor speed to precisely maintain the desired temperature, and contributes on reducing the energy consumption all year round, for a lower electricity bill.

By improving the real life efficiency and minimizing the use of energy, INVERTER systems reduce carbon footprint, for a lower impact on the environment.


This unique facility is the result of 36 years of a long-standing partnership between Daikin and Muscat Electronics. Strategically located in Ruwi, Daikin Solution Plaza will throw the spotlight on Daikin’s world-class quality products and the unparalleled services offered by Muscat Electronics in the Omani market.

Customers will learn more about the group's diverse portfolio of products, including the technology it uses and other features through feeling, touching, and seeing the difference and invisible values of Daikin systems. This will help end-users make better decisions as they can pick the right air-conditioning system which will suit their needs after observing different options.

It will also feature live demonstration of units and other activities that have been designed to give customers ready access to the right solutions for their specific needs, whether its domestic, commercial, or industrial.


Customers will learn more about benefits to be gained from using Daikin products, like the energy efficient and environment-friendly R-32 Inverter splits, which are known for its minimal impact on global warming and zero effect on the ozone layer.


Another interesting device on display is the Intelligent Manager, which controls all the AC systems along with other applications such as lights, fire alarm, security system and curtains. It also prepares a report covering electricity consumption by calculating the peak period of consumption, day, and night, and in relation to different parts of the building.


Also displayed is the Smart VRV system, the multi-split AC which can have multiple indoor units with one outdoor unit, and Air Handling Unit products that can maintain air quality for standard and special hygienic applications.


While visiting our facility, you will experience the difference. Daikin systems will guarantee the best indoor climate, and Muscat Electronics professional staff who will help you in design, installation, and aftermarket service support.

Think Smart, Think Green, Think Daikin!