The Daikin Brand

Air is essential to our existence, and our role in protecting it continues to expand.

"Aiming for sustainable growth and a sustainable society through technological strength and outstanding human resources"

- Masanori Togawa, President and CEO, Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Air is essential to our existence, and our role in protecting it continues to expand. Since 1924, we have devoted ourselves with unbridled passion to overcome the ever-evolving challenges of air to become the leading manufacturer of air conditioning equipment. Leveraging our innovative technology, we deliver outstanding products and system solutions to provide comfortable and sustainable interior environments for all of the people and regions of the world.

This is, and always will be, the Daikin mission.



Daikin, is a Global Leader in Developing & manufacturing all Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, & Refrigerant solutions for Residential, Commercial & Industrial applications. Daikin Industries is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

Daikin Middle East & Africa is the Regional Office of Daikin Industries in the region, responsible for promoting, selling & after Market Support for the full range of Air Conditioning products & systems (DX, VRV, Chillers, Air Side, MCP) in all GCC, Region, Middle East & Africa.

Leading in Innovation and Quality

Bringing comfort and industrial solutions to homes and businesses while respecting the increased concern for the environment, demands the highest levels of innovation and quality. To our credit belong industry revolutions such as VRV and inverter control, technologies that continue to translate themselves into new levels of efficiency and comfort. We are also the only equipment manufacturer in the industry to be involved in developing better refrigerants that are safer for our environment.

The Daikin solution

Total comfort and service demands a complete product range: Air Purification, Splits, VRF Systems, Applied Products, Air Handling Units, & Fan Coil Units. All of our offerings benefit from the same technological excellence and attention to quality that have marked Daikin products from the beginning.

About Daikin Middle East & Africa

Incorporated on March 2006, Daikin Middle East & Africa is the Regional  Sales office, responsible for promoting, selling & After Market Service & Support for all Air Conditioning products, covering United Arab  Emirates, GCC, Middle East & Africa.

About Daikin Air Conditioning Saudi Arabia

Aiming to be present Locally, Daikin had established our local office in Saudi Arabia: Daikin Air Conditioning Saudi Arabia, incorporated December 2013, located in Riyadh, with around 70 Employees, showroom, Service & parts Center & Training center.

About Daikin Egypt Air Conditioning

Aiming to be present Locally, Daikin had established our local office in Cairo, Egypt: Daikin Egypt Air Conditioning, incorporated August 2016, located in Cairo, with around 30 Employees, showroom, Service & parts Center & Training center.


Our facilities at a glance


Daikin Middle East and Africa

  • Head office


Daikin Air Conditioning LLC

  • Service and Part Center
  • AHU Factory
  • Daikin Academy
  • Abu Dhabi Branch


Daikin Air-conditioning Saudi Arabia LLC


Daikin Air-conditioning Egypt S.A.E

Daikin Milestones

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  • Air Cooled Single Screw Inverter Chiller, EWAD-MZ Series




  • Bluevolution product range, which includes residential, light commercial air applications, and the Roundflow Cassette. All systems are equipped with the revolutionary R-32.


  • Daikin Air Conditioning Egypt (DAEG).


  • Daikin acquired Zanotti


  • Offer worldwide, free access to patents for equipment using next-generation refrigerant, R-32.


  • VRV IV HA in GCC
  • Jebel AHU factory becomes Eurovent-Certified
  • ESMA/Estidama DX line up
  • First R-32 Inverter Split in GCC


  • Brand unification, Daikin Middle East and Africa


  • SASO DX line up in KSA


  • Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the first DENV facility in Ostend, Belgium 
  • Establish Daikin Air-Conditioning Saudi Arabia, in a joint venture with RIRAC
  • Launch of Ururu Sarara Product Range, the first European air to air heat pump system with R-32 Refrigerant 


  • Daikin acquired Goodman


  • Daikin Opens JA AHU Factory


  • Launch of the 3000 TR Chiller (WCT Series)


  • Acquire Turkish Heating and Air Conditioning Manufacturer, Airfel.
  • Establish the European Development Centre (EDC).
  • Receive Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification, which recognises our commitment to fair and responsible EU trade.



  • Daikin Altherma Flex Type for apartment buildings and collective housing.
  • Nexura, a stylish heating and cooling unit with a radiant front panel for optimal comfort.


  • McQuay Hellas (Greece).


  • An international project to design net-zero energy buildings in Germany.


  • Accept the international Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 certificate to ensure the safety of employees, subcontractors, visitors and the surrounding communities.



  • Kälteanlagen Import GmbH, which becomes the Daikin Europe Hamburg Marine Office.
  • The applied and service business of ACT.


  • The Daikin Altherma High Temperature heat pump.
  • Daikin Emura: a wall mounted unit recognised for its award-winning design.


  • Daikin Altherma Low Temperature becomes the first heat pump to receive a European Ecolabel for its outstanding environmental performance.



  • German heating manufacturer Rotex GmbH to expand the Daikin product range and strengthen our position in the heating market.
  • McQuay International FZE in the Middle East, McQuay Szanyo and Szanyo Service in Central Europe, and Swedish distributor Svenska Daikin A.B., (now known as Daikin Sweden A.B.).


  • Establish Daikin as the sole owner of Itho Air Conditioning B.V., (now known as Daikin Air Conditioning Netherlands).
  • Launch the Roundflow Cassette: an R-410A ceiling mounted cassette with a 360º radial airflow pattern for improved, uniform airflow and temperature distribution.



  • Ururu Sarara: the world’s first split air conditioner offering air conditioning, purification, humidity control and ventilation in a single package.
  • Daikin Altherma: a new heat pump for the home heating market. The all-in-one system provides heating, domestic hot water production and cooling (optional).


  • Daikin Air Conditioning South Africa as a DENV affiliate.
  • Daikin Middle East Office as a sales affiliate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Daikin Air Conditioning Greece SA as a subsidiary of DENV.
  • Daikin Device Czech Republic s.r.o, a compressor factory in Brno, to supply compressors for our factory in Plzen.
  • Daikin Europe Irish Office.


  • OYL Industries, parent company of McQuay International, AAF International and J&E Hall by DIL. These acquisitions allow DENV to broaden its product range to include air handling units and large chillers.


  • Establish Daikin Europe Moscow Representation Office.
  • Give full responsibility to DENV to serve markets in Africa and the Middle East.


  • Establish Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o. factory in Plzen, Czech Republic to centralise the production of residential indoor and outdoor units.
  • Acquire a third UK distributor, MacQueen Air Conditioning.


  • Increase UK presence by acquiring two former Daikin distributors in the UK: Cooling Services and Pillinger Air.


  • Establish Daikin AC Italy.


  • Establish Daikin Air Conditioning Poland Sp.z.o.o.


  • Establish Daikin Air Conditioning Spain SA.



  • A new 15000m² logistics plant at the DENV Ostend site.
  • Daikin Air Conditioning Central Europe GmbH.


  • Accept the prestigious ISO 14001 certificate for DENV's environmental policy.
  • Establish Daikin Air Conditioning Germany GmbH.


  • Develop air conditioning units with non-ozone depleting refrigerants in anticipation of the phase-out of all CFC-based equipment.
  • Launch the revolutionary swing compressor.


  • Transfer production of VRV, Sky Air and Multi-Split systems from Japan to Europe.


  • Accept the ISO 9001 quality-assurance certificate.


  • Celebrate the inauguration of a new DENV factory totalling 25.000m².
  • Establish the Daikin UK Office and warehouse to support distributor sales.
  • Incorporate the latest audiovisual technology in the Daikin Training Centre.


  • Establish Daikin Air Conditioning France.


  • Invest 45 million euro to expand the premises and production lines of DENV.
  • Launch the VRV heat recovery series, which offers simultaneous cooling and heating from different indoor units on the same refrigerant circuit.



  • VRV inverter system, capable of operating up to eight indoor units from one outdoor unit.
  • Inverter capacity control to increase the flexibility and efficiency of VRV systems.


  • Launch the original VRV air conditioning system in Europe, which is able to operate up to four indoor units from one outdoor unit.
  • Establish DENV as new sales centre.


  • Launch the first inverter type air conditioner in the market.


  • Launch first VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system on the Japanese market - which is met with immediate success.
  • Establish a sales division at Air Conditioning Belgium.


  • Launch the Sky Air air conditioner for light commercial applications.


  • Establish Daikin Europe N.V. (DENV), a production, administration and warehouse complex in Ostend, Belgium.


  • Develop the first Multi-Split system.


  • Establish the first European sales centre in Malta to expand the Daikin product range.


  • Develop centrifugal chillers.


  • Develop the first packaged heat pump air conditioner to national and international markets.


  • Develop the first Japanese rotary compressor.


  • Became the first Japanese company to manufacture self-contained and packaged air conditioners on a large scale.


  • Develop the first Daikin refrigerator.


  • Develop Japan's first air conditioner for trains, known as the "Mifujirator."


  • Manufacture fluorocarbon gas.


  • Develop fluorine refrigerants.


  • Akira Yamada establishes the "Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho Limited Partnership" in Japan, specialising in "Air Extrusion" systems. The company soon reaches unprecedented sales levels due to strong demand and its excellent product quality. From the 1930s and onward, under the Daikin name, the company specialises in manufacturing cooling systems and refrigerators, while successfully developing its own refrigerant.