Efficient heating, cooling and hot water for your home

Our heating, cooling and hot water solutions combine renewable and traditional energy sources to provide the most energy-efficient solution for your home.

Daikin heating hybrid heat pump

Build your own solution

With customisable solutions, we offer heating, cooling and hot water systems that are tailored to your budget and needs.

Take advantage of several renewable and traditional energy sources to heat your space. 

From renewable energy such as air, water, ground, solar and hybrid (gas and heat pump), to traditional sources such as gas and oil.


Why spend, when you can save?

All of our hot water and heating solutions are classified with the highest energy efficiency labels on the market. Further improve your energy efficiency by connecting to a solar solution. It's simple; you save energy and money in the long run.


Control your climate with Daikin

Control your climate from anywhere and any time with our smart online controller.

Sustainable solutions

Our wide range of energy sources and hybrid combinations guarantees that you can have the most energy efficient heating and hot water solution for your needs and home. Daikin heating solutions provide you with heating and hot water by extracting energy from a range of renewable resources, including the air, water, ground and sun, or by optimising the efficiency of gas and oil with Daikin's condensing technology.


Hot water heating set ups

There are two systems available on the market, and it is important to identify which solution is best for your needs.


Daikin Altherma ST
Thermal store

Thermal Store
  • Compatible with any type of heating system
  • Safe and fresh hot water with anti-legionella tank
  • Connect solar panels to heat your water and store it for later use
  • Designed as smart-grid-ready to produce and store hot water at low energy tariff periods

Stainless steel

Domestic hot water tank
  • High-quality insulation reduces heat loss to a minimum
  • At necessary intervals, the indoor unit can heat the water up to 60°C to prevent the risk of bacteria growth
  • Efficient temperature increase, from 10°C - 50°C in only 60 minutes
  • Available as an integrated solution with a heat pump, gas boiler or separate tank

Hot water savings with solar energy

Reduce your energy costs by taking advantage of the sun's renewable energy. Our solar panels are easy to install and produce up to 70% of the energy your hot water heat pumps and boilers need. Equally available for all building types, our solar hot water systems accommodate both small and large homes. Choose between a pressureless or pressurised hot water system.


Pressureless ECH2O thermal store

  • Ideal for new homes
  • Higher energy performance than pressurised systems
  • Requires a direct vertical connection from the tank to the solar collectors
  • If there is no sun, the system automatically drains to prevent frozen pipes

Pressurized ECH2O thermal store

  • Ideal for renovations and existing homes
  • Possibility to use curved piping to connect the tank to the solar collectors
  • Filled with water and antifreeze to prevent frozen pipes
  • The system is pressurised and sealed for your safety

Find the perfect Daikin solution for your home


Air-to-water low temperature heat pumps

  • For heating, hot water and cooling
  • Powered by 75% air and 25% electricity
  • Optional solar support
  • Ideal for new homes and Green Buildings

Air-to-water high temperature heat pumps

  • For heating and domestic hot water 
  • Powered by 65% air and 35% electricity
  • Optional solar support
  • Connects to existing piping system and high temperature radiators
  • Ideal for renovations and replacing old boilers

Air-to-air heat pumps

  • For heating and cooling
  • Powered by 80% air and 20% electricity
  • Ideal for new homes, Green Buildings and replacing old electric systems

Ground source heat pumps

  • For heating and hot water
  • Powered by 80% geothermal heat and 20% electricity
  • Ideal for new homes and renovations where land is available

Hybrid heat pumps

  • For heating, hot water and cooling
  • Powered by an optimal combination of air, electricity and gas depending on seasonal conditions and energy prices
  • Ideal for renovations and replacing old gas boilers

Domestic hot water heat pumps

  • For hot water
  • Powered mainly by air and solar energy
  • Electrical support is available when needed
  • Ideal for replacing your electric hot water tank

Gas condensing boiler

  • For heating and hot water
  • Powered by gas
  • Optional solar support
  • Ideal for renovations and replacing old gas boilers

Oil condensing boiler

  • For heating and hot water
  • Powered by oil 
  • Optional solar support 
  • Ideal for renovations and replacing old oil boilers

Heat pump convector

  • For heating and cooling
  • Combinable with underfloor piping
  • Can replace outdated radiators
  • Ideal combination with heat pumps
  • Less noise
  • Small dimensions

Domestic hot water tanks

  • Hot water at any time 
  • Stainless steel tank 
  • Thermal store uses solar energy