Multi branch selector (BSSV) for VRV 5 heat recovery


Designed for fast installation and easy servicing


Product Features

  • Unique range of multi BS boxes allowing efficient 3--pipe heat recovery
  • No limitation on room size, thanks to Shîrudo Technology
  • Faster installation thanks to Refrigerant Flow Through reducing the number of brazing points and joint kits
  • Connectable to VRV 5 heat recovery units
  • Easy servicing in false ceilings thanks to sliding down PCB
  • Quick on-site settings, indication of service parameters and easy read out of errors thanks to 7 segment display
  • Up to 16kW capacity available per port
  • Connect up to 250 class unit (28kW) by combining 2 ports
  • No limit on unused ports allowing phased installation
  • Faster installation thanks to open port connection
  • Allows multi tenant applications

Technical details


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