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FTKF Series

Superior technology within reach

Product Features

  • A real economical solution - Up to 50% less energy consumption than traditional systems, so you pay less money for your energy bills!

  • R-32 Refrigerant - Unlike R-22, R-32 has no ozone depletion potential for a reduced impact on the environment. This next generation refrigerant has a heat transfer 1.5 times higher than R-410A and a GWP 675 CO2 eq., which is about one third of R-410A. It can contribute to reduce eq. CO2 emissions up to 72% against R-410A.

  • Inverter Technology - Daikin units are conceived to offer powerful cooling to quickly cool down the room. The system has been designed for optimum nominal efficiency, with EER reaching up to 12.25 Btu/W, and seasonal energy efficiency, in line with real life operating conditions in the Middle East. Using efficient systems will simply result in lower electricity bills.
  • Exclusive Daikin Inverter Swing Compressor - Less refrigerant leakage, Less noise, Less wear and tear for longer lifetime, Higher efficiency.
  • Reinforced Anti-Corrosion protection - All the sensitive parts exposed to the environment are protected against corrosion
  • Built-in stabilizer: 160-265V - The Daikin FTKF series is equipped with a built-in stabilizer allowing the unit to operate within an increased operating voltage range, 160 to 265V. It makes it suitable to operate on generator and a perfect solution for temporary offices applications!
  • Auto Restart - In case of sudden power failure during operation, this feature ensures that air conditioners installed in the same building will resume operation automatically. The operation will be based on the previous settings.
  • The special Econo Mode - This function limits both maximum running current and maximum power consumption.
  • Self-Diagnosis Function - The machine auto-detects the errors and shows the related code on the remote controller screen. If an error occurs, you can easily self-diagnose it and report it to your Daikin authorized service provider for a quick resolution.




Zero ODP and lower GWP than R-32 and R-410A

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Powerful Cooling

Rapid cooling and powerful, even if outside temperature is very high

3-D Airflow

Vertical and horizontal auto-swing for a long and strong airflow to cool down quickly and consistently even large spaces

Long Airflow

The airflow can reach long distances, for optimal cooling comfort even for large spaces.


Daikin indoor units are whisper quiet. Outdoor units are also guaranteed not to disturb the quietness of the neighborhood.


Rapid cooling/heating with highest fan speed for immediate comfort

Energy Saving

Daikin offers efficient operation on its equipment for lower electricity consumption. This also contributes to reduce CO2 emissions.

Reinforced Anti-Corrosion

All the sensitive parts such as condenser coil, PCB sensors, outdoor bottom frame or stop valve are protected against corrosion for a longer life span, even under corrosive environment, with cooling performance maintained optimal.

  • Inverter Technology

    Daikin air conditioning units use inverter technology, which cuts energy spending and creates a more comfortable and stable climate.

  • R-32 The next generation refrigerant

    Zero ODP and lower GWP than R-32 and R-410A

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