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Exceptional performance in a compact design

Product Features

High Efficiency

  • High efficiency scroll compressors, optimized heat exchangers and high-performing fans, the rooftop UATQ-C series is designed to ensure a high energy efficiency and reduced power consumption.

High Ambient Design

  • Specially designed to deliver top performance in both standard and high ambient temperature conditions, in terms of capacity and efficiency. Less than 15% capacity deterioration at T3 with continuous operation up to 52°C.
  • Higher efficiency: EER up to 4.05 W/W (13.51 Btu/hr/W)

Third party proven performances

  • The cooling performances and energy efficiency of the system are tested and verified by internationally accredited laboratory, i.e Intertek meeting or exceeding GCC standards (i.e ESMA, ESTIDAMA and MEW).

Wide operation range

  • The units operate from 19°CDB to 52°CDB in cooling mode.

Auto random restart with last state memory

  • The controller ensure individual unit restarts randomly and automatically with previous operation setting , to prevent power surge after a blackout.

Compact and light

  • The flat top design of the unit allows for maximum utilization of warehouse and container space, while the light frame ensures ease of handling and installation.

External Service

  • Pressure can be checked without opening the unit.

Indoor air quality

  • The standard washable filter can easily be accessed for facilitated maintenance.
  • An additional field supplied filter can easily be installed on the 2 inch rail to meet the indoor air quality requirements of the application.

Flexibility of Air supply

  • A belt driven fan is used such that the air volume and static pressure needed can be adjusted according to the requirements. This flexibility allows for wider application and offers the possibility to reach the best working conditions considering the unit’s characteristics.

Corrosion Protection indoor and outdoor

  • UltraGold fin condenser and evaporator coils are standard on all units for superior corrosion protection even in the harshest environment especially in coastal areas (1000 Hrs salt spray tested.)

Coil Guard

  • The condenser coil is protected by coil guard to prevent accidental damage during transportation, handling and installation.

Dust Proof Sealed Bearings

  • Ensures the reliability of outdoor motor and smooth operation all year around.

Phase Protection

  • A three phase line monitor module protects the unit components against phase less, phase reversal and phase unbalance.

Independent Staged Cooling

  • The unit is designed with two independent refrigerant circuits, each controlled separately for maximum part load efficiency and durability.

Controller Features

  • Real time clock with 7 days programmable timer.
  • Temperature setting of 16 ºC to 30 ºC.
  • Energy saving mode.
  • 4 wire thermostat
  • Compressor balance loading to optimise lifetime.
  • Key lock function.
  • Error code display



Zero ozone depletion potential for a reduced impact on the environment.

Tropical Compressor

The tropical compressor is able to handle and operate fully under extreme weather conditions.

Energy Saving

Daikin offers efficient operation on its equipment for lower electricity consumption. This also contributes to reduce CO2 emissions.


Daikin indoor units are whisper quiet. Outdoor units are also guaranteed not to disturb the quietness of the neighborhood.

Powerful Cooling

Rapid cooling and powerful, even if outside temparature is very high

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