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EWYD-4Z Multipurpose Unit

For independent and simultaneous cooling and heating all year round.

Why choose

4Z multipurpose series?

Top class efficiency

Full inverter technology

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Application flexibility

Wide operating envelope, extra capacity and rapid restart functionality

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Simultaneous cooling and heating

For big buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc.

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1. Top class efficiency

Daikin single screw compressor with integrated inverter and Variable Volume Ratio Technology

The inverter integrated in the compressor is refrigerant cooled:

  • Safe and robust cooling system, totally independent from outdoor ambient conditions and air quality 
  • Suitable even for aggressive installation such as industrial or desert application

New Daikin High Efficiency Inverter fans

The new high efficiency fan developed by DAIKIN with optimized geometry ensures the best ratio between airflow and power input. The inverter control ensures the optimum airflow in every condition.

VVR (Variable Volume Ratio)

The operating conditions of a chiller are subjected to sensible changes due to the variation of ambient temperature and load request from the plant.

Screw compressors increase the pressure of the refrigerant by forcing it into a progressive smaller volume, from the suction to the discharge port. Once that the geometry of the compressor is defined the volume ratio is also defined.

Daikin compressors can modify their own geometry thanks to variable volume ratio (VVR).
The volume ratio will change by moving the sliding valves. VVR changes the point at which the gas leaves the compressor, and therefore changes the pressures at discharge which will be optimal at any condition.

2. Application flexibility

Wide operating envelope for cooling and heating

Extra capacity in Boosted operation

Thanks to the variable speed drive of the compressor it is possible to benefit from an “extra” capacity during the coldest days in winter or the hottest days in summer.

Rapid Restart functionality

In case of power failure DAIKIN 4Z is able to restart in less than 30 sec. The UPS installed in electrical box keeps the unit controller always powered. It is also possible to give, if needed, priority to restore the cooling or the heating load.

3. Best solution for simultaneous cooling and heating

Big multipurpose buildings, hotels, hospitals

...are just a few examples of application for multipurpose units.

Lower energy consumption compared to traditional systems

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