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VRV Series and Worldwide Expansion of HFC-32 Air Conditioners Are Praised

Daikin Receives Minister and Chairman Prizes in Energy Conservation Grand Prizes in Japan


Daikin Industries, Ltd. was awarded Minister’s Prize, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for “promotion of energy conservation through worldwide expansion of high efficiency HFC-32 air conditioners, and the Chairman Prize of Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) for its VRV Series in the Chairman Energy Conservation Grand Prize for excellent energy conservation equipment for fiscal year 2015 by ECCJ.

In 2012, Daikin led the world by being the first company to commercialize air conditioners using refrigerant HFC-32, a refrigerant having low impact on global warming, and it has subsequently received acclaim for its work to promote adoption of the refrigerant in many countries in the world, beginning with Japan. In promoting energy conservation through worldwide expansion of high efficiency HFC-32 air conditioners, Daikin was awarded the Minister Prize for its global contribution to mitigating the impact of global warming. Not only has Daikin expanded distribution channels and sales activities for the products, it has also laid the groundwork for HFC-32 adoption by lending technical assistance in the formulation of rules for international standards and providing training to technicians. These efforts resulted in the use of more than 5.5 million units of HFC-32 air conditioners in 47 countries worldwide by the end of 2015. Currently, all manufacturers in Japan sell HFC-32 air conditioners, and the use of these air conditioners is projected to have a significant impact in reducing worldwide greenhouse gases in the future.

The VRV Series for Japanese market of multi-split type air conditioners for commercial buildings that received the Chairman Prize of ECCJ significantly reduce annual electricity consumption as a result of a new scroll compressor that raises operation efficiency at the time of low load and new control technology that controls refrigerant temperature automatically by adjusting to the load during heating and cooling. An investigation of annual use of air conditioners in actual buildings reveals that air conditioners operate at an extremely high load only for short whereas operation below 50% of rated capacity occurs for approximately 90% of operation time. Consequently, the key point for realization of a net zero energy building is how much efficiency improves when load is low. In the VRV Series, a significant increase in efficiency was achieved at the time of low load, and compared to conventional models; standby power consumption was reduced by 15%. As a result, the amount of total annual electricity consumption was reduced approximately by 21%.

In addition to providing energy-saving products, Daikin is committed to developing cutting-edge technology and services globally as the company continues to pursue product development that realizes both comfort and preservation of the environment. The award ceremony was held on January 27th at ENEX/Smart Energy Japan 2016 which took place at Tokyo Big Sight. The products will also be on display at Daikin booth at the HVAC&R Japan 2016.

Daikin Middle East & Africa is the Regional Head Quarters, located in Dubai & responsible for all sales & aftermarket support for all range of air conditioning products sold in GCC, Middle East & Africa.

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