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Introducing Industry’s First “VVR” Technology

Daikin Launches Premium Efficiency Air Cooled Chillers

May 2017

Global leading air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin has launched the next generation of premium efficiency Air Cooled Screw Chillers EWAD-MZ Series.  EWAD- MZ Chiller Series achieves the highest overall efficiency and offers real world benefits such as lowest energy costs and carbon footprint, making it the first choice for designers, consultants and end users over traditional air cooled chillers for their buildings.

Leading the industry with superior and advanced Screw Compressor Technology 

The heart of the EWAD-MZ Chiller is Daikin’s proven Screw Compressors incorporated with industry-first Variable Valume Ratio (VVR) technology that allows the internal compression ratio to optimize the chiller’s performance at all ambient conditions.

“Thanks to this innovative solution, Daikin VVR can avoid those energy losses typical of traditional compressors designed with fixed volume ratio. No more over-compression phenomena are experienced with Daikin VVR,” said Mr. Marco Flavio Calanca, Marketing Manager at Daikin Applied Europe.

VVR combined with Inverter on compressors (each compressor has its own dedicated refrigerant cooled inverter) provide best in class efficiency at every load and lift conditions.

“Thanks to the refrigerant cooling system, the inverter temperature is precisely controlled and maintained at optimal conditions regardless of the outdoor temperature and air quality. Daikin refrigerant cooled inverter is specifically designed for trouble free operation even at extreme conditions such as high ambient temperature operation and desert installations,” said Mr. Luca Del Ferraro, Engineering Department Manager at Daikin Applied Europe.

New MZ Chiller Series optimized for high ambient operation typical of the Middle East region.

EWAD-MZ is customized by Daikin exclusively for the Middle East, demonstrating Daikin’s philosophy of customizing global products to meet local needs and regulations, ensuring highest overall efficiency and reliability for year-round operation at Middle East operating conditions.

Besides refrigerant cooled Inverter, EWAD-MZ is provided with high performance fans with enhanced air flow across condenser coils, allowing the unit to operate up to a 55°C air ambient temperature without unloading. Various options of factory applied condenser coil coating are also provided in consideration for the region’s coastal environment.

Emphasizing on the advantage of  the innovative “VVR + Inverter” technology in the Middle East, Regional Business Director – Chillers & Modular Plants, Paras Adhvaryu stated, “Combining VVR + Inverter technology, EWAD- MZ provides the region’s consulting engineers and end users with the right balance between the design of air cooled chiller which can operate at peak ambient conditions of Middle East (typically 46+ °C ), and the advantage of lower operating cost at lower ambient/ reduced load conditions  (prevalent more than 90% of  annual operating hours). This is significant especially with ever increasing energy costs and reduced energy subsidy in the region.”

The new Daikin EWAD-MZ Chiller Series are manufactured at Daikin’s global manufacturing facility in Cecchina-Rome, Italy. The performance is AHRI certified with IPLV as high as 6.6. It is available in three efficiency versions (silver, gold and platinum), allowing flexible selections to match project specific requirements.

About this launch, UAE Sales Director, Samer Alawiah said, “In line with the UAE Government’s evolving directives and strategies on sustainability as a core theme for future developments, Daikin is committed at developing and introducing state of the art products and solutions, specifically designed for the region, achieving highest efficiencies, performances, and reliabilities. Daikin Chiller and Air Side product ranges are now extended to meet all type of applications and requirements. To put it simply, Daikin has set a new standard in the HVAC Industry.”

The launch was held at Armani Hotel – Burj Khalifa, Dubai, on 22 May 2017, and was attended by more than 350 consultants, Contractors, project developers, and owners from all over UAE.


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