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Daikin receives multiple accolades at the 2018 iF Design Awards - DEU18-010


This year’s IF Design Awards saw Daikin Europe’s design skills recognised, as the company scooped no less than five awards for their residential heat pump and commercial control solutions at the iF design award show in BMW Welt, Munich on 9th March.

The iF Design Award is among the largest and most prestigious design competitions in the world. Organised by the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, the annual award scheme is now in its 65th year. Competition for the coveted seal of quality was intense this year, with over 6,400 entries submitted from 54 countries. The awards were confirmed after a gruelling three-day scrutiny by a 63-strong panel made up from independent experts all over the world. 

Daikin’s range of products have become synonymous with striving for providing space-saving HVAC solutions for both home and commercial spaces, while at the same time achieving the highest efficiencies through advanced design and award-winning patented technology.

The class categories in which Daikin achieved success were:

Daikin Altherma 3 Heat Pump (Floor-standing Heat Pump)

Daikin’s third generation low temperature heat pump Daikin Altherma 3 is the first air to water heat pump powered by the manufacturer’s patented Bluevolution technology. 

The unit combines high efficiency compressors with R-32 refrigerant to provide high performance with the lowest running costs, with frost protection down to -25°C to ensure reliable operation in the coldest of climates. 

Weather-dependent set-point controls together with inverter compressors maximise the efficiency of the new Daikin Altherma 3 series, whatever the outdoor temperature, to assure consistent room temperatures at all times. Outdoor units are connectible with a range of discreet and stylish indoor units. Smart control technology makes it easy to set the system according to homeowners’ preferences, with nine pre-programmed settings for daily adjustment and the option of remote control via an Online Controller smartphone app. The Daikin Altherma 3 system can also be fully integrated with other home control systems for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Daikin Altherma 3 Wall Mounted Heat Pump 

With all the advantages of the Daikin Altherma 3 series, the compact wall mounted unit with its slim dimensions can be integrated with a standard domestic hot water tank to create an ultra-space-saving solution. The addition of a thermal store system with thermal control panels provides low-cost on-demand hot water without the need for an electric immersion heater.

Daikin D2CND Gas Condensing Boiler

The DC2CND offers a compact wall mounted gas condensing boiler for the smallest of spaces and offers increased flexibility in use, with freeze protection for pipes making it possible to install the boiler practically anywhere inside or outside. Offering a heat efficiency of up to 108%, the high modulating range of the unit provides an automatic capacity adjustment based on the required heat load of the house from 3- to 24-kW. For even greater energy efficiency, the boiler can be integrated with solar heating. The indoor unit can be controlled remotely using Daikin’s smart online controller app.

Stylish Air Conditioner

The compact wall-mounted Stylish was developed to meet consumer demand for an air conditioning system that combines high performance with excellent design. 

With its all-new component designs and R-32 refrigerant, the Stylish guarantees the highest efficiency in its design class, scoring up to A+++ for both heating and cooling in a low environmental impact solution. 

Available in three colours (white, silver and blackwood), Stylish incorporates a cover panel that has been engineered to move parallel to its body, blending in with any décor.  Rounded corners add to the unit’s aesthetic appeal, while the newly-designed fan, developed to run within the Stylish’s compact casing, and heat exchanger deliver top energy performance and perfect comfort at practically inaudible sound levels.

Commercial Wired Remote Controller

Daikin’s latest wired remote control has been designed to provide an enhanced user experience with an elegant and contemporary appearance. Its compact dimensions, plus a choice of three colours, offers a discreet solution to blend in with any interior design. A sleek exterior conceals Daikin’s advanced technology which provides intuitive touch button control, making it easy to adjust settings to suit your personal comfort. 

Installers can configure advanced technical settings easily on their smartphone and upload them via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). For more information about the product visit


Patrick Crombez, Daikin Europe General Manager, Heating and Renewables Strategic Business Unit comments:

 “We are delighted to receive these awards which serve as testimony to our goal in delivering stylish, aesthetically pleasing products that harmonise with their surroundings while delivering everyday comfort and energy efficiency.”


For more information on the winning products, visit the iFWORLD DESIGN GUIDE


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