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Message from our Vice President for Applied Business, Mr. Paolo Nascetti, about "Daikin’s MEA Applied direction to strengthen our market leadership and solution business approach”


The year 2020 will forever be remembered as a year laden with challenges, which led to key changes in how we conduct our business and live our lives. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic created a health crisis of global magnitude that it posed to be a major challenge to the worldwide economy. 

The HVAC industry played a major role in the fight against the pandemic, specifically in the healthcare sector applications, but more in general for air treatment solutions where suddenly the focus on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) increased to ensure that HVAC systems were designed to prevent spreading or carrying the disease.

Despite the unprecedented circumstances, Daikin was able to withstand and hurdle many obstacles-- from the challenges of assuring continuity in our manufacturing plants and field service activities, adopting all necessary safety measures to protect our employees’ health, to the safeguarding of all our stakeholders interest, the immediate development and launching of new innovative IAQ solutions in “Airside Products” (Fan Coils and Air Handling Units) besides the traditional filter technology, for use in hotels, healthcare facilities and residences.

With innovation remaining at the center of our efforts, we increased our R&D investments, specifically in Europe, the United States and Japan this year. In Japan, for instance, our Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) is now set to release a cutting-edge elemental technology related to individual components of chillers and airside equipment like Compressors, Fans, Controls, and Inverters. These innovations are going to be adopted by various regional Applied Development Centres for local market’s needs, including specific design for Middle East harsh environment.

Furthermore, Daikin, the only HVAC manufacturer in the world that has its own refrigerant company, Daikin Chemicals, had sought in 2020 the use of new refrigerants capable of addressing the new ecological challenges of HVAC systems from both refrigerant Global Warning Potential and Energy Efficiency viewpoints.   

All eyes are now on 2021, accompanied by the bright hope of better things to come. With this in mind, Daikin MEA is confident in its efforts to live up to its commitment of pushing the boundaries to help its clients meet their market needs. We remain steadfast in our goal of driving in a reduction of the environmental impact made by cooling, heating, and refrigeration systems.

In Applied Systems, and in line with our new 5-year strategic management plan, “Fusion 25,” we look towards further enhancing our local Engineering & Manufacturing capabilities in the GCC region, including the achievement at the beginning of the year of the Hygienic Certification (VDI 6022 & DIN 1946-4) for our AHUs produced in our UAE Factory, and at the same time, we will focus to also give innovative solutions to our customers apart from product offerings. In fact, we will further develop our Off-Site Manufacturing and Modular solutions across MEA region, going beyond the flanges of only traditional Chillers, thanks to our inhouse engineering team having HVAC Design and BIM expertise.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best and let the positivity of the new year be your guide in achieving more growth and prosperity. Season's greetings and a Happy New Year to all.


  • Message from our Chairman and President, Mr. Masaaki Miyatake

  • Message from our Vice President – Sales, Mr. Tuna Gulenc

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