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The role of controls in Data Centers

The role of controls in Data Centers is often fundamental. There are different strategies and technologies that can ensure data centers reliability and efficiency, but controls deserve special consideration.

Data Centers are for HVAC systems are quite critical applications. The cooling system for these facilities needs to be “downtime-proof”. It has to guarantee continuity of operations, as a single minute of downtime can cost companies thousands of Euros. Also, Data Centers can usually generate a huge quantity of heat that HVAC systems have remove to prevent equipment failure and fire hazards.

So, reliability is a main aspect, but efficiency is at least equally important.

IT equipment and servers in Data Centers  operate 24/7. They have a huge impact on energy consumptions and it makes sense for business owners to require a HVAC system that allows to to keep costs down.

How can controls help HVAC systems meet the needs of Data Centers

Controls can help groups of chillers to optimize their performance, harmonizing the way units operate. Daikin iCM, for instance, allows groups of chillers to reach their goal with minimum effort, both mechanically and in terms of energy consumption. The iCM, in fact, ensures chillers’ durability and efficiency generating operating and maintenance cost savings.

Then, the new iCM, being directly integrated in Daikin chillers, does not require any external sequencer or optimizer integration. Also, the Microtech 4 control logic ensures improved performance and unbeatably fast restart of the unit when combined with the Rapid Restart.

Daikin controls and Free Cooling management

As far as Free Cooling, both the Microtech III and 4 controllers implement a smart and efficient management of this option on R-32 chillers. The proprietary algorithm can compare the estimated available capacities of both mechanical cooling and free cooling to evaluate if full free cooling is possible for the specific operating conditions and outside temperature.

This allows Daikin R-32 chillers to always guarantee the maximum efficiency, comfort and reliability, also in process applications that can benefit of a relevant energy saving.

Controls redundancy

Controls redundancy is very important to ensures continuity of operations. Everytime time a control needs to be disconnected for maintenance, for instance, the redundancy can instantly replace it. That makes the system even more reliable.

These were a few information and aspects on how controls can provide value for Data Center projects. If you are interested in knowing more, get in touch using the form below and get our support!

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