The leader in air conditioning solutions

The leader in air conditioning solutions

Our wide range of energy efficient air conditioning units provides you with cooling and heating year-round.

air conditioning energy efficient technologies for the future

Energy efficient technologies for the future

Our cooling solutions are classified with the highest energy efficiency labels on the market. With an emphasis on renewable energy and innovative technologies, such as our inverter and heat recovery, you benefit from a total solution that significantly maximises your return on investment. Our dedication to developing energy-efficient climate solutions guarantees that Daikin units not only comply with, but are also years ahead of legislation standards.

air conditioning good design emura

Good design goes unnoticed

With so many different types of units and design options, we work with you to create a climate that blends in seamlessly with your interior.

air conditioning optimal comfort

Your comfort is our priority

Our air conditioners do more than just cool your air. They carefully balance the temperature, heating, humidity levels and air purity to provide you with the most comfortable climate.

air conditioning controls

Manage your energy use

Climate control should be simple, intuitive, smart and energy efficient. Whether you are looking for a solution for your home or for your business, we offer a variety of systems that will help you take control of your climate.

Air conditioning split system for one room

One Room

  • Split system
  • Connects 1 indoor unit to 1 outdoor unit
  • Heats and cools 1 room
  • Easy installation
multi-split airconditioning for your home


  • Multi-split system
  • Connects up to 9 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit
  • Cools, heats and provides hot water for up to 9 different rooms
  • Controls individual rooms
air conditioning for commercial buildings

Commercial & Industrial Building

  • Direct Expansion (DX) and water-based systems
  • Connects an unlimited number of indoor units to 1 outdoor system
  • Cools, heats, ventilates and provides hot water
  • Controls individual zones and rooms
  • More than 10MW cooling capacity


Different design options for your interior


Wall mounted

Our wall mounted units are recognised internationally for their good design. Their sleek and elegant appearances make climate control stylish.

air conditioning floor standing model

Floor standing

Floor standing units distribute air conditioning or emit radiant heat, just like a traditional radiator. Their smooth design and flowing lines integrate seamlessly with modern interiors.


Concealed ceiling

Concealed ceiling units are ideal for all spaces because they blend in seamlessly with any interior. They are installed discreetly in false ceilings so that only the air vents are visible.

air conditioning cassette


Our ceiling cassettes are engineered to provide optimal air flow in all types of small and large spaces, while freeing up wall and floor space. With the largest range in the market, we guarantee a perfect fit with your building and interior layout.


Ceiling suspended

Ceiling suspended cassettes are designed for flexibility. This is the ideal solution for spaces that lack false ceilings or have limited floor space. The individual flap controls and various discharge angles make accommodating any interior an easy task.

Air conditioning for each building type

Whether you're a homeowner, shopkeeper or hotel manager, our Daikin air conditionings will keep you cool. Begin your project with us by selecting your building type.