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System controls

Take advantage of our system controls to manage and monitor your chiller plant room.

iCM intelligent Chiller Manager

Our factory-engineered system can optimise the performance and increase the efficiency of your chiller plant room.

iCM intelligent Chiller Manager
Main functionalities iCM

Main functionalities

Our system controls perform the following tasks:

  • Checks chiller availability: determines which chillers are available based on unit controls, Modbus communication and pump status
  • Sequencing: determines which available chillers will operate based on energy efficiency
  • Staging: calculates the appropriate amount of energy to meet chiller demand, taking temperature and rotation into consideration
  • Stopping: recycles the order of chillers to meet demand capacities
  • Manage settings: ensures the number of operating chillers stays within a certain range, regardless of capacity demand

Product line-up and specifications

iCM is available in two versions:

iCM standard

  • iCM standard is a system control that contains a library of pre-set applications. This standard system is divided into three configurations based on the amount of chillers and peripherals it can manage.

iCM customized

  • iCM customised is a free system control that covers applications not featured in the iCM standard version.
Product line-up and specifications iCM
Remote control and monitoring possibilities

Remote control and monitoring

iCM intelligent manager can also connect to:

  • Daikin On Site, our remote monitoring and control system services
  • General BAS/BMS through BACnet or Modbus Modules, based onBACnet/IP or Modbus RTU/RS-485 protocols
  • Built in HMI, Remote HMI, Web HMI and Daikin On Site for control and configuration

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