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Daikin new TZ: a whole new world of possibilities

Daikin has recently introduced its new TZ-C segment, which is what we like to call “the new answer to big projects”. With this latest addition, Daikin extends the possibilities and benefits offered by the TZ range to higher cooling capacities. But also brings in a whole new world of features in terms of controls.

What is new with the range extension

The new range, available with the low GWP refrigerant R1234-ze as well as the HFC R134a, stands out for the increased cooling capacity. In fact cooling capacity goes up to 1600 kW and 1960 kW, respectively. Also, the wide operating envelope is another relevant feature. In fact, the range can provide chilled water temperature from +25°C down to -12°C.

The new single screw compressor

Thanks to the new generation of single screw compressors these ranges confirms, or even improves, the high efficiency levels provided by the TZ series on larger capacities.

The new single screw compressor is one of the main and most interesting features in Daikin 3rd generation of air-cooled screw chillers.

As we all know Daikin has a history of leadership in the field of screw compressor chillers, which have been installed all over the world for 20 years. We have introduced over time ground-breaking technologies. The Variable Volume Ratio, for instance. Or the refrigerant cooled Inverter technology directly integrated to the compressor. All of these technologies have helped increasing units’ efficiency with a particular attention to part load. In fact, because a chiller operates most of its time at part load, it must have a high part load efficiency.

With this in mind, and the will to provide higher efficiency at high capacities still complying with F-Gas, Daikin invested on developing a new single screw compressor for the TZ- C.

The new design includes a new screw profile to get the best performance with both the R1234ze and the R134a refrigerants. The result of this newly developed compressor is a substantial cooling capacity extension. The new desing also keeps the units relatively compact and still very efficient. On top of that, the compressor allows to comply with F-Gas thanks to the use of R1234ze, which has a GWP as low as 7, as an alternative to 134a.

A new control logic

But it doesn’t stop with the new compressor. The new TZ-C also features the new controller Microtech4, which brings in a whole new world of new functionalities. Like the integration of the iCM in the unit controller, for instance. But also the performance monitoring functionality, which allows to read the performance of the unit on the controller display or from the cloud through DoS.


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