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Arteparc Meylan

Grenoble, France

Daikin VRV heat pumps contribute to low carbon footprint of Arteparc office complex, awarded with the HQE excellent label

The new Arteparc commercial complex situated in the Inovallee tech park in Meylan, Grenoble demonstrates how developers and equipment manufacturers are working together to deliver new low-carbon buildings that align with the highest standards of sustainable development. This is confirmed with an HQE Excellent certificate, awarded by the French green building label HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale).

A joint development with the Banque des Territoires spearheaded by the Artea Group, a major player in real estate in France and Europe, this large new commercial complex comprises over 25,000m2 of floor space, spread over six buildings. The first three have now been completed using Daikin’s low carbon VRV heat pumps.

The project is distinguished by its high-quality design and construction, built to achieve BBC Effinergie E2C-1 certification and comply with the French RE2020 regulations, which are aimed at reducing both energy consumption and the lifetime carbon impact of new buildings.

With the focus on lowering its carbon impact, the Artea Group explored every aspect of construction, from a rooftop solar-powered plant to a composite facade cladding made up of 95% recycled wood chips, high performance insulation and energy-saving climate control systems.

During construction, geological complications led to an increased use of concrete. A data review was undertaken by ARTEA and design office Ingégroup to establish measures to offset the additional carbon impact.

Providing an enhanced user experience, the complex additionally promotes well-being through on-site facilities including a choice of restaurants in both terrace and rooftop areas, co-working spaces, an organic grocery shop, sports facilities, covered bicycle path and ev charging points in the car park.

Daikin’s VRV5 solution was selected by ARTEA to provide comfortable climate control with a low carbon footprint to assist in achieving the HQE excellent certification. The next generation VRV-5 series is operates on low GWP R-32 refrigerant, which offers a 70% lower GWP compared to traditional R-410A systems. With a very high seasonal efficiency, the VRV 5 S-series has been developed to provide top sustainability over its entire lifecycle, minimising both the potential direct and indirect impact of the refrigerant.


A landmark project meeting the highest standards, the Meylan Arteparc sets the bar for designing future-proof buildings that consistently deliver on energy performance and comfort.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • 102 VRV5-S Series systems
  • 465 Interior units

Daikin was commissioned to supply climate control systems for four new buildings. A total of 102 VRV 5-S units with a mix of 4, 5 and 6 HP models were fitted, linked to 465 indoor units.

The study undertaken during development also looked at air flows in order optimise the full installation.

Collaborative approach

The collaboration between the ARTEA Group, the Ingégroup design office, installer Climacool and Daikin technical management, was essential to the successful outcome of this project, which involved innovative products new to the market. Close cooperation ensured that system performance was optimised to meet the high standards of the ARTEA Group, as well as the building requirements and user experience. The system will be monitored in order to further optimise the energy efficiency of the VRV solution.

Thanks to the proven result with the HQE low carbon emissions label, ARTEA group plans the second installation phase, scheduled for late 2022, with the newest VRV 5 system from Daikin: the VRV 5 Heat Recovery.

Daikin innovation is helping to improve the environmental performance of commercial buildings and promote user well-being

Planning for the future

Daikin heat pumps and Daikin’s expert advice play an essential role in helping to decarbonise commercial


Since the birth of the VRV system in 1982, Daikin has continuously focused on innovation, aiming for a high year round efficiency and low impact of the refrigerant, thanks to lower GWP alternatives and the support of reusing refrigerants to conserve vital natural resources.

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VRV heat pumps deliver heating and cooling to ensure a comfortable working environment at all times.

Smart controls are integral to the solution, enabling zonal adjustment to meet diverse user needs and tracking consumption to optimise system operation.

The low height VRV heat pumps are installed behind a discreet enclosure for full concealment.

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