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Providing cooling for an industrial manufacturer of automotive components

Daikin recently supplied an air-cooled screw inverter chiller unit from the TZ Series to meet the cooling needs of an industrial plant near Lisbon, Portugal. The facility manufactures brakes and other components for the automotive industry.

Products installed


Total cooling capacity: 307 kW

About the products and the project

For this project, the end-user urgently needed a chiller that could replace the one that had just stopped working. The supplied TZ unit fully met the process cooling needs of the facility, especially in terms of energy efficiency.

More about Daikin’s screw inverter technology and the project

Efficiency was very important for the end-user. The screw inverter compressor chiller supplied by Daikin exceeded the efficiency targets set by the end-user thanks to the screw inverter compressor and Daikin on Site, Daikin’s remote monitoring platform.

Daikin’s screw compressor, which is developed and manufactured by Daikin, integrates inverter technology in the compressor. It is also refrigerant cooled. This helps increase the reliability of the component and the efficiency of the compressor.

The inverter guarantees excellent performance of the chiller at part load, which is relevant when considering the ambient environment. While industrial manufacturing plants often require constant cooling loads throughout the year, the conditions in which the chillers operate in vary depending on the season.

Thanks to Daikin’s inverter technology, the installed TZ chiller provides the needed cooling capacity with the highest energy efficiency levels year round, despite variations in ambient temperatures.

Another important aspect of the project is Daikin on Site.

Daikin On Site (DoS) is a remote monitoring platform, that provides 24/7 real-time data on chiller plant operations and their functionality. This empowers plant owners to take preventative actions to avoid extra costs associated with breakdowns and downtime.

The platform enables plant managers to easily recognise problems when they occur to find the right solution. Managers can also use the platform to evaluate parameters in real-time and adjust settings remotely. This improves the unit’s efficiency and management, allowing the planning of preventative maintenance, and increasing reliability.

Read more here about Daikin on Site.

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